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  • From Maurice Blackson

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    Shannon O'Malley interviews Wesley Craven and he discusses growing up in a large family in Roslyn, Washington. He talks about learning to cut hops at a young age…
  • From Maurice Blackson

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    James Wickerath discusses his experiences in the CWU para-medicine program. He also discusses his father and getting to know Dorothy Purser, first as a neighbor and…
  • From Maurice Blackson

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    John SInclair talks about his experiences in the paramedicine program at Central and his career teaching after attending central.

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  • From Jon (LDAP) Belford

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    Central Washington University has eight campuses in addition to the residential campus in Ellensburg. The campuses offer upper division (300-400 level) courses in…
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    Thursday, May 18: 10:30 am -12:00 pm, 1:15-2:00 pm, 3:15-4:00pm Friday, May 19: 9:00-11:00 am
  • From Jon (LDAP) Belford

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