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BASC Allocation Increase Request - Fiscal Analyst

Fiscal Analyst - Vacant Position in Accounting/Advancement

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BASC Allocation Increase Request - Budget Analyst - CatPlan

CatPlan Manager Vacant Position

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Carol Hill Video Interview

Carol Hill discusses growing up in Chelan County. She was in the army before coming to central as a single mom. She worked at the library as a student and then she worked in accounting for many…

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John Ebernal Video Interview

John Ebernal talks about his early life and attending Central and graduating in 1971. He discusses working for the department of Natural Resources on spruce budworm problems. He worked at Central as …

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Joe Antonich Video Interview

Joe Antonich talks about his life before CWU and graduating from University of Washington and service during Vietnam. He discusses working for state auditors office before working in accounting at…

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