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Zotero Lesson in 3 Minutes

A breif demonstration of Zotero bibliographic tool.

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Kathleen Barlow Video Interview

Kathleen Barlow discusses her early life attending college at Pomona college in San Diego and teaching Elementary school. She then discusses returning to school and studying cultural anthropology and…

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Anne Denman Video Interview

Anne Denman discusses personal history, career history at CWU, influential faculty and administration members, anthropology teaching philosophy, and final thoughts on CWU.

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Catherine Sands Video Interview

Catherine Sands discusses personal history, humorous events, faculty and student problems, salary, academic freedom, campus emergencies, awards she earned, and personal contributions.

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Marco Bicchieri Video Interview

Marco Bicchieri taught in the anthropology department at Central Washington University, 1969-1996. In his interview he talks about the following: his childhood in eastern Africa, school in Italy,…

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Anthony Aronica Audio Interview, part 3

Anthony (Tony) Aronica attended Central Washington University as a Running Start high school student and university student between 2000 and 2006. He completed bachelor's degrees in history and…

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