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Zotero Lesson in 3 Minutes

A breif demonstration of Zotero bibliographic tool.

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Anne Denman Video Interview

Anne Denman discusses personal history, career history at CWU, influential faculty and administration members, anthropology teaching philosophy, and final thoughts on CWU.

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Catherine Sands Video Interview

Catherine Sands discusses personal history, humorous events, faculty and student problems, salary, academic freedom, campus emergencies, awards she earned, and personal contributions.

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Marco Bicchieri Video Interview

Marco Bicchieri taught in the anthropology department at Central Washington University, 1969-1996. In his interview he talks about the following: his childhood in eastern Africa, school in Italy,…

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Anthony Aronica Audio Interview, part 3

Anthony (Tony) Aronica attended Central Washington University as a Running Start high school student and university student between 2000 and 2006. He completed bachelor's degrees in history and…

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