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How to Create a Channel and set its Privacy Settings

In this video, I will demonstrate how to create a Channel and its privacy settings.

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How to Un-Publish a Video in MediaSpace

This is a training video on how to un-publish a video from a channel or gallery in MediaSpace. Created by: Roy Peleg Title: VP of Professional Services, Enterprise and Learning

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Understanding MediaSpace Analytics Reports

In this video we will assist you on better understanding how to use the Entry Analytics via Mediaspce

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How to Use and Publish From My Media

Every Kaltura user has a personal, searchable repository for viewing and managing private media content. Thus, "My Media" is the media repository of a single user. Media items in the…

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How to Create, Set and Delete A MediaSpace Channel

Organizational group managers or anyone authorized by the organization to create channels in MediaSpace can create a channel on the MediaSpace site and manually select the channel’s…

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What is The New Kaltura eSearch and How to Use It

In this video, we will demonstrate how to better familiarize with the new Kaltura eSearch Engine and get to know how to search for content in the most effective way's.

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How to Upload Media

This video demonstrates how to upload a media to MediaSpace. You can learn how to upload a media from your computer or upload a YouTube video. Note that your screen might be slightly different due to…

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