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Board of Trustees 12.18.2020

The Central Washington Board of Trustees will hold a special meeting: December 14, 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM (Executive Session 8:30 AM - 8:50 AM)

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Central Theatre Ensemble Radio Program

This quarter the Central Theatre Ensemble has an evening of song, dance, and drama. As we cope with the stay at home order, we at Central Theatre Ensemble strive to bring you theatre in new ways.…

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John Ferro Audio Interview, part 2

John Ferro (b. 1919, son of Peter Ferro and Mary Grecco) discusses his family's origins in Switzerland and his father's work in the Roslyn coal mines beginning in the 1920s. He talks about…

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Ann Marusa Video Interview, part 1

Ann Marusa (b. Oct. 13, 1914, in Margecany, Czechoslovakia) came to America in 1921 and lived in Roslyn, Washington. She talks about her step-father, Frank Foto, and his work as fire boss and unit…

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Doris Maras Video Interview, part 2

Doris Maras discusses the immigration of her maternal grandparents, John and Anna Lindberg, and paternal grandparents, Andrew and Brita Jaderlund, from Sweden to Ronald and Roslyn, Washington.…

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Ethel Craven Audio Interview, part 1

Ethel Florence Craven (1906-1993) was born into one of the African American families who were recruited to break a coal mining strike in Roslyn, Washington, in 1888. Craven married a coal miner,…

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Stella Walsh Audio Interview, 1983, part 2

Stella Walsh discusses her family?s background in homesteading and running the Walsh sawmill in the Teanaway River Valley, Washington, until 1908, when they moved the mill to Lake Cle Elum. Walsh…

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Anne Bruketta Audio Interview, part 2

Anne Bruketta (b. March 24, 1914) discusses her family's immigration from Ukraine/Russia to Roslyn, Washington, via South America and San Francisco. She speaks about working conditions in the…

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Lund Family Audio Interview, part 1

Three Lund siblings talk about their lives at Fowler Creek and Cle Elum, Washington. Lee Lund (b. April 2, 1912), Verna (Lund) Mattielli (b. August 27, 1910), and Bernice (Lund) Haggerty (b. November…

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Mary Ainardi Audio Interview, part 2

Mary Ainardi discusses her Italian roots and her life in Roslyn and Cle Elum, Washington. She speaks about her family ancestry through the Grivetta and Chiado families. She describes her…

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