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Theatre Dialogues: Charles O. Anderson 9.25.20

(Re)Current Unrest and the Fire This Time: Choreographic Responses to BLM.

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2017 CWU Commencement 1 Student Speaker - Mr. Judah Bergeron

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Justice Steven Gonzalez at CWU Diversity Awards

Washington Supreme Court Justice Steven Gonzalez keynote remarks at Central Washington Universityӳ 2016 Diversity Awards. The second annual event was held in the Student Union and Recreation Center…

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Zoltan Kramar Audio Interview, part 1

Zoltan Kramar held positions as history instructor and Dean of Arts and Humanities at Central Washington University between 1963 and 1996.

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Doris Clymer Interview, 1997, part 3

Doris Clymer speaks about her husband, John Clymer (1907-1989), the renowned painter who grew up in Ellensburg, Washington. Many of Clymer's paintings of the Northwest are now held by the Clymer…

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Ole Jordin Audio Interview, part 19

Ole Jordin talks about his family's roots in Ellensburg, Washington. He describes the Benson hanging, skirmishes with Native Americans, threshing, water disputes, law and order, a saloon…

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Michael (Mike) Burchak Audio Interview, part 6

Michael (Mike) Burchak (b. 1912) remembers his mother, Anne Burchak. In particular, he talks about her home remedies and recipes (poltevietza, bobalika, cottage cheese). He recalls his father, Paul…

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Nina Kanyer Audio Interview, part 2

Nina Kanyer talks about immigrating with her family from Italy to Roslyn, Washington. She talks about cultural traditions, holidays, lodges, recreation, and coal mining in Roslyn

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Lorraine Livero Audio Interview, part 2

Lorraine Livero talks about her parents, Alice Koch and Henry Richard, and their background in farming in the Swauk Creek area of Washington state. She talks about transportation and recreation in…

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Valery (Val) Zrebeic Audio Interview, part 3

Valery (Val) Zrebiec (b. December 25, 1913) describes his schooling and life in the Nelson Siding and Cle Elum areas of Washington state. He talks about his Polish heritage, including Polish language…

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