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Budget Summit 2021_28_CoAH

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Transfer Center

Provide 149 funding for Transfer Center

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Graduate Studies Request

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Graduate student creates Dance Requiem

Many composers write a Requiem for their lost loved ones, in a tradition that goes back more than a thousand years. Central Washington University graduate student Krista Connelly wrote "Life,…

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Geography- Hells Canyon Research

CWU researchers map pre-contact Native American village sites in Hells Canyon

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Mt. Stuart History by a CWU Poet

Xavier Cavazos, visiting writer for CWU's Professional and Creative Writing Program, challenges in poetry the historic claim that white explorers were the first to scale nearby Mt. Stuart in the…

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John Gerdes Interview

John Gerdes taught in the chemistry department at Central Washington University, 1995-2001. In this interview, he speaks about efforts at the university to develop a distance program in organic…

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Jen Gray Audio Interview, part 1

Jen Gray speaks about her work for the CW Foundation at Central Washington University during the 1990s and 2000s.

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