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Ellensburg Rodeo 1956

Ellensburg Rodeo, which takes place every Labor Day weekend. Shows rodeo events such as bronc riding, trick and fancy riding and rope spinning, calf roping, steer wrestling, bareback riding, rodeo…

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ASCWU Public Meeting 10.19.21

Connect with your student leaders to discuss local issues, programs, upcoming events and more.

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How to Add a Registration Form to a Webcast Event

In this video, I will show you how to add a registration form to a webcast event.

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How to Create and Set up a Registration Form for an Entry

In this video, I will show you how to create and set up a registration form for an entry.

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Theatre Dialogues: Frankie Lewis 1.25.21

Time: 7:30pm-9:10pm Voices from Performance series is a colloquium series that highlights the work of diverse artists, scholars, and activists in the fields of theatre, dance, and performance…

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Scrum Topic: JS Link Checker

Jon Hammond takes us through a basic JS link checker.

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Virtual Ellensbrug Archives Crawl

Visit the archives and history museums of Ellensburg at a virtual tour and panel! The panel will consist of archivists and museum curators and directors as they share about their repositories and…

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Primary Sources Explained

Brief lecture about primary sources.

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2016 CWU Westside Commencement student speaker Nathan McWalters

Westside Commencement at Kent

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Professional Etiquette Dinner

The Professional Etiquette Dinner at Central Washington University provides attendees an entertaining and engaging professional and social development opportunity. The four-course meal and…

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Tsungani Totem Pole Dedication

In 1999, Tsungani (Fearon Smith, Jr.) carved a traditional Native American totem pole for Brooks Library in Ellensburg, Washington. At the time, Tsungani served as chief of the Wiummasgum Clan of…

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Eva Bell Video Interview

Eva Bell (b. August 22, 1921) talks about her family's background in Roslyn, Washington. She explains how her father took ownership of Marko's Tavern in Roslyn. She shows a stringed…

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Raymond (Ray) Kladnik, Sr., Video Interview, part 2

Raymond (Ray) Kladnik, Sr. (b. September 7, 1892), talks about his family's Slovenian roots and about his life in Cle Elum, Washington. He describes his family's life in Austria and their…

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Lylia and Marguerite Fay Audio Interview, part 6

Lylia and Marguerite Fay talk about Easton, Washington, including the Easton Tollgate; the McGuiness Homestead; and the development of travel, business, logging, and communications in Easton. They…

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Stella Walsh Audio Interview, 1981, part 2

Stella Walsh discusses her family?s background in homesteading and running the Walsh sawmill in the Teanaway River Valley, Washington, until 1908, when they moved the mill to Lake Cle Elum. Walsh…

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Josephine Rigek Audio Interview, part 8

Josephine Rigek speaks about her time working as an operator for the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company (later the Cle Elum Telephone Company) from 1920 to 1966. She talks about the history of…

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