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Found in the Archives: Lump of Coal

CWu archvies has a lump of Coal from the Roslyn mines. Hear how it came to be here in this episode.

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Budget Summit 2021_29_CEPS

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Budget Summit 2021_29_BFA

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Budget Summit 2021_28_CoAH

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Budget Summit 2021_28_CoB

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Project Management Office

Request Funding for Project Management Office

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BASC Allocation Increase Request - Fiscal Analyst

Fiscal Analyst - Vacant Position in Accounting/Advancement

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PMO Budget Request

Presentation from Project Management Office director, James Jankowski, for his 21-22 budget request.

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President's Budget Advisory Committee (PBAC)_2-24-21

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Jen Gray Audio Interview, part 2

Jen Gray speaks about her work for the CW Foundation at Central Washington University during the 1990s and 2000s.

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