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CWU Geography Department

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Myrna Antonich Video Interview

Myrna Antonich talks about her life before coming to work at Central. She also discusses working in the registrar office and other positions before becoming Office Supervisor of the College of Arts…

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Game On Launch

GAME ON! creates a unique learning opportunity for central Washington middle- and high-school students, educating them about core values as well as leadership, social, digital literacy and college…

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Career fair brings employers to students

Ninety organizations recruited Wildcats for jobs, internships and graduate school at the spring career fair hosted by CWU Career Services. Students were able to network with recruiters in various…

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Equal Rights Legislation: A Presentation at Ellensburg Public Library

This video captures a presentation at Ellensburg Public Library about women's legal rights in Washington state. Although gender equality was never added as an amendment to the U.S. Constitution,…

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Philip Kern Audio Interview, part 1

Philip Kern speaks about his time as a student at Central Washington College of Education (later Central Washington University), 1942-1943.

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Marilyn Grey Audio Interview, part 2

Marilyn Grey attended Central Washington State College between 1958 and 1967.

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Ansel Taylor Audio Interview, part 8

Ansel Taylor describes his career in logging at the beginning of the twentieth century. He speaks about river drives and Indian-white relations in the Swauk region of Washington state. He talks about…

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Mary Fassero Audio Interview, part 9

Mary Fassero speaks about her family's Italian roots and involvement in lodges, mushrooming, holidays, seamstress work, hunting, and bocce ball. She describes her father's work as fire boss…

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Ethel Craven Audio Interview, part 3

Ethel Florence Craven (1906-1993) was born into one of the African American families who were recruited to break a coal mining strike in Roslyn, Washington, in 1888. Craven married a coal miner,…

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Doris Jones Audio Interview, part 1

Doris Jones (b. 1912) talks about her family history, including parents John Parkson Abbott and Vesta Barlow and their experiences with the Civil War, pony express, and Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania.…

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Slava Gregorich Audio Interview, part 6

Slava Gregorich discusses his family's immigration to Ronald, Washington. He talks about businesses in Ronald, as well as working conditions in the coal mines. He touches on the cost of coal,…

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Josephine Rigek Audio Interview, part 6

Josephine Rigek speaks about her time working as an operator for the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company (later the Cle Elum Telephone Company) from 1920 to 1966. She talks about the history of…

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