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Fabian (Fab) Kuchin Video Interview, part 3

Fabian (Fab) Kuchin (b. January 20, 1907 in Roslyn, Washington) talks about his life in Roslyn. He explains how his father, Stephen Kuchin, worked in the local coal mines until he had an accident and…

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John Venera Audio Interview, part 1

John Vernera (b. 1916 in Roslyn, Washington) speaks about his father, Battista Venera, and his immigration from Italy to Roslyn, circa 1909. Venera's father entered the dairy business in 1918…

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Helen Hofstrand Audio Interview, part 1

Helen Hofstrand talks about her family's immigration to Ellensburg, WA---she mentions the Adlers, Poiners, and Alleys in the family. She describes her childhood in Ellensburg, touching on the…

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