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Scrum Topic: Productivity Tools (JLo)

Jlo takes us though TickTick, a productivity, note taking, calendar app.

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David Boyd Video Interview

David Boyd attended Central Washington University as an undergraduate student. In his professional life, he is best known for applying triage principles to emergency medical care. From 1970 to 1974,…

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Olga Gregorich Audio Interview, part 1

Olga Gregorich (b. June 1905) talks about immigrating from Austria to Ronald, Washington. She talks about home remedies, gardening, holidays, recipes, music, mushrooming, religious traditions, the…

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Lambert Family Audio Interview, part 2

Nell and Thomas (Tom) Lambert, III (mother and son), talk about their family roots in Iowa and Oklahoma. They explain how Nell married Thomas (Tom) Lambert, II, in October 1928. They discuss how…

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