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Sharryn Larsen Walker Video Interview

Sharryn Larsen Walker talks about her time at Central Washington University. She discusses the Spring of 1980 when she was a freshman. The Mount Saint Helens eruption happened in May that year and…

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Louie Osmonovich Video Interview

Louie Osmonovich talks about growing up in Roslyn and his later career as a school teacher. He also discusses his years of backcountry trail riding.

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Cyrus Habib at Central Washington University Commencement 2018

Cyrus Habib delivers the commencement address at Central Washington University in 2018.

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Transfer Center

Provide 149 funding for Transfer Center

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Freedom to Read Panel Discussion

Video recording of a discussion about LGBTQIA books being banned. Local public and school librarians, Wildcat book shop buyer, and CWU students discuss the importance of equal access to diverse and…

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CWU 360 - Students Moving In

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2018 Graduate Hooding Student Speaker Lindsay Millward

2018 Graduate Hooding and Commencement Ceremony

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2018 Commencement Keynote Lt. Governor Cyrus Habib

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College Civics Week: Local Government Day Keynote - Lisa Van Der Lugt

Lisa Van Der Lugt is the Executive Director of the Washington State Commission on Hispanic Affairs, was raised in the Yakima Valley and is an advocate for the Latino community in Washington State.

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Lewis Clark Video Interview

Lewis Clark talks about his personal history before coming to Central, growing up in Ellensburg, and attending Central as a student. He also discusses working at the University store, first as a…

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2016 CWU Westside Commencement student speaker Nathan McWalters

Westside Commencement at Kent

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CWU tuner keeps pianos on pitch

CWU piano technician Harry Whitaker has been tuning pianos at CWU since 1982. A mainstay in the Central Washington University music department, Whitaker is the full time professional piano…

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Roy Wilson Video Interview Part 2

Roy Wilson continues from his previous interview by discussing teaching music, influential faculty members, and his general career experience teaching elementary school.

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Clifford Wolfsehr Audio Interview, part 2

Clifford Wolfsehr served as a librarian and Director of Library Services at Central Washington University from 1953 to 1968.

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Margaret MacClennan Audio Interview, part 1

Margaret MacClennan was a student at Central Washington College of Education, originally attending 1926-1928. She passed away March 19, 2010.

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Dee Eberhart Audio Interview, part 1

Dee Eberhart taught in the geography department at Central Washington University, 1965-1986.

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