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Paula and Ralph Griffin Video Interview

Paula and Ralph Griffin talk about the history of The Roslyn Riders. They have been providing wholesome equine recreation since 1956.

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#NOTInOurKittCo Comminity Forum

The "Building Respectful Communities: Transcending Hate" community forum brought together elected officials, students, and the community in response to troubling KKK materials being…

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Not in Our Kitt Co.

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Justice Steven Gonzalez at CWU Diversity Awards

Washington Supreme Court Justice Steven Gonzalez keynote remarks at Central Washington Universityӳ 2016 Diversity Awards. The second annual event was held in the Student Union and Recreation Center…

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Ole Jordin Audio Interview, part 32

Ole Jordin talks about his family's roots in Ellensburg, Washington. He describes the Benson hanging, skirmishes with Native Americans, threshing, water disputes, law and order, a saloon…

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Anne Bruketta Audio Interview, part 2

Anne Bruketta (b. March 24, 1914) discusses her family's immigration from Ukraine/Russia to Roslyn, Washington, via South America and San Francisco. She speaks about working conditions in the…

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Stella Walsh Audio Interview, 1983, part 15

Stella Walsh discusses her family?s background in homesteading and running the Walsh sawmill in the Teanaway River Valley, Washington, until 1908, when they moved the mill to Lake Cle Elum. Walsh…

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