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Faculty Senate 3.1.2023

Central Washington University's Faculty Senate meeting. This meeting will be hosted via Zoom.

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Board of Trustees 8.11.2020 Special Meeting

The Central Washington Board of Trustees will hold a special meeting Tuesday, August 11th @ 11:00am.

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Mary Fassero Audio Interview, part 1

Mary Fassero speaks about her family's Italian roots and involvement in lodges, mushrooming, holidays, seamstress work, hunting, and bocce ball. She describes her father's work as fire boss…

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Michael (Mike) Burchak Audio Interview, part 3

Michael (Mike) Burchak (b. 1912) remembers his mother, Anne Burchak. In particular, he talks about her home remedies and recipes (poltevietza, bobalika, cottage cheese). He recalls his father, Paul…

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