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Vietnam Veteran Sarah Blum

Author, Sarah Blum discusses her experience in Vietnam and her book, Women Under Fire: Abuse in the Military. Blum, ARNP is a decorated nurse Vietnam veteran who earned the Army Commendation Medal…

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Central Washington University Commencement 2013 AM

A video recording of commencement ceremonies at Central Washington University.

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2017 CWU Graduate Student Hooding Ceremony

2017 Master's Degree Hooding Ceremony at Central Washington University hosted by the School of Graduate Studies and Research. Recorderd at the CWU SURC, Friday, June 9, 2017.

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2016 CWU Commencement Ceremony AM

Graduates in the College of Business and the College of Education and Professional Studies.

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Final's Week Waffle Night at the Library

Every quarter during final exams, the CWU library staff breaks out the waffle irons and syrup. They want students to take a study break and enjoy a waffle. Waffle night is the tuesday of finals week…

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CWU Commencement, 2013, part 3

This video shows the Commencement ceremony at Central Washington University for 2013.

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Mary Fassero Audio Interview, part 8

Mary Fassero speaks about her family's Italian roots and involvement in lodges, mushrooming, holidays, seamstress work, hunting, and bocce ball. She describes her father's work as fire boss…

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