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CWU Day of Music

It may be radical, but CWU students took sledge hammers to their scale as a way to say: ԍy weight does not define me.ԠCWU Wellness Center hosted Smash the Scale, a national campaign, to raise eating…

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Dee Eberhart Audio Interview, part 1

Dee Eberhart taught in the geography department at Central Washington University, 1965-1986.

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Clara Ferra Video Interview, part 2

Clara Ferra talks about her immigrant roots, noting that her ancestors--the Hunters--arrived in Roslyn, Washington, by 1919. She describes her father's work in the No. 5 Mine and her…

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Nina Kanyer Audio Interview, part 3

Nina Kanyer talks about immigrating with her family from Italy to Roslyn, Washington. She talks about cultural traditions, holidays, lodges, recreation, and coal mining in Roslyn

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