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Found in the Archives: Lump of Coal

CWu archvies has a lump of Coal from the Roslyn mines. Hear how it came to be here in this episode.

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Rik Dalvit and Thomas Shapley Video Interview

Rik Dalvit and Thomas Shapley talk about starting their careers in journalism at Central Washington State College. They tell about notable events and professors they remember. They talk about campus…

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Fred Fischer Video Interview

Fred Fischer talk about growing up and Roslyn Washington. He recalls his father, who worked for Northwest Improvement Company (NWI) as a fireman on the railroad.He discusses the mines and his brief…

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Bob Cernick Video Interview

Elsie Bingay interviews Bob Cernick. He discusses growing up in Cle Elum, Washington. He talks about the abundance of outdoor activities his family did when he was young. These include camping,…

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Shirley Hood and Richard Mack Video Interview

Shirley Hood and Richard Mack discuss working in the economics department at Central Washington University. They also talk about their education and early career. They recall…

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Jim Hawkings Video Interview

Arlen "Jim " Hawkings talks about his long career as a theatre facculty member at Central Washington University. He talks about the growth of the department and university. He also…

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Cultural Conversation Winter 2023: Storyteller Monique Simmons

A diverse community is a respectful community, rich in ideas and shared experiences. Cultural Conversations is a program co-sponsored by Brooks Library, the Ellensburg Public Library, and…

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Nick and Jennie Henderson Video Interview

Nick Henderson and his mother Jennie Henderson talk about life in Roslyn , Washington. Jennie grew up in a family with 13 siblings. She discusses her schooling and work life as well as raising her…

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Donna Willette Video Interview

Donna has a love of hiking and mountaineering. She lived in Colorado until she was 12 and the family relocated to Easton. She was raised by her grandmother and started her own family right after high…

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Don Hill Video Interview

Don Hill was born in Yakima and moved to Easton before he turned one. Don graduated from Cle Elum High School in 1955. He entered the logging industry at the age 10 in his father’s company.…

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Louie Osmonovich Video Interview

Louie Osmonovich talks about growing up in Roslyn and his later career as a school teacher. He also discusses his years of backcountry trail riding.

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David Franklin Video Interview

David Franklin talks about his ties to upper Kittitas county and changes he has seen in the area in his lifetime. He discusses how his in-laws came to the area and how they made a living in South…

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Rudolph A. Kovacevich Video Interview

Rudy Kovacevich talks about growing up in Roslyn Washington. He discusses his family's Croation roots and ties to the old country. He shares memories of his grandmother and talks about her…

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Donkeys, Dervishes, and the Borderline: An American's Experience in Pre-revolutionary Iran

Steve Horowitz, retired director of CWU’s ESL program, about his experience as a Peace Corps volunteer in Iran in the late 1960s. The presentation will feature the people and culture of…

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Rex Worth Video Interview

Rex Worth talks about getting his PHD from the University of Tennessee in Political Science in 1977, before coming to work at Central in 1983. He also discusses significant accomplishments while at…

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Marte Falshore Video Interview

Marte Falshore talks about her academic career in Utah before coming to Central and how the emphasis on teaching drew her to Central Washington University. She discusses publishing and requirements…

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