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Bob Cernick Video Interview

Elsie Bingay interviews Bob Cernick. He discusses growing up in Cle Elum, Washington. He talks about the abundance of outdoor activities his family did when he was young. These include camping,…

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Wes Craven Video Interview

Shannon O'Malley interviews Wesley Craven and he discusses growing up in a large family in Roslyn, Washington. He talks about learning to cut hops at a young age when the whole family would take…

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Babs Ballard Video Interview

Babs Ballard talks about her life. She grew up in Cle Elum and her family had a cattle ranch. She discusses the impact World War II had on her family and the hardships it brought. She also discusses…

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Don Hill Video Interview

Don Hill was born in Yakima and moved to Easton before he turned one. Don graduated from Cle Elum High School in 1955. He entered the logging industry at the age 10 in his father’s company.…

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Sandra H. Peck Video Interview

Sandy Peck talks about growing up on Gobblers Knob near South Cle Elum. She discusses her first job as a Theater Usher. Sandy also talks about her father's work as a railroad engineer, and her…

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Louie Osmonovich Video Interview

Louie Osmonovich talks about growing up in Roslyn and his later career as a school teacher. He also discusses his years of backcountry trail riding.

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Fred Talerico Video Interview

Fred Talerico discusses growing up in upper Kittitas county and all the activities for youth in the Roslyn. He talks about changes in the area when the mines close.He tells about his time in the U.S.…

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Gary Fudacz Video Interview

Gary Fudacz talks about growing up in Washington and working on farms and later in forestry. He discusses his time in the army and getting his degree at Central before working in the forest service.…

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Marie Marchand's Covid Reflections and Poems

<p>Marie Marchand talks about her experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic lock-down. She also shares some poems written during that time. Marie is a poet and an Associate Director of the GEAR…

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You Can Play at CWU

You Can Play works to insure the safety and inclusion of all in sports - including LGBT athletes, coaches and fans. You Can Play works to guarantee that athletes are given a fair opportunity to…

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James Carmody Video Interview

James Carmody discusses personal history, faculty and administration members at CWU, life at CWU from 1946 to 1950, faculty/student problems, sexism and discrimination on campus, and political…

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Kenneth Gamon Audio Interview, part 2

Kenneth (Ken) Gamon taught in the mathematics department at Central Washington University, 1965 to the 2000s.

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Etta Owens Audio Interview, part 2

Etta Owens describes her family's arrival in Roslyn, Washington, circa 1889. She talks about relocating with her family to Ronald, Washington, for work at the No. 3 Mine (Patrick's Mine).…

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Oliver Bell Video Interview, part 1

Oliver Bell discusses his Finnish roots and his family's immigration to Cle Elum, Washington, where his father worked in the Northwestern Improvement Company (NWI) coal mines. Oliver himself…

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Joseph (Joe) Andler Video Interview, part 3

Joseph (Joe) Andler (circa 1914-2002) worked in Patrick's Mine in Ronald, Washington, beginning in 1937. He worked at various jobs in local mines, shoveling coal, performing tasks at the tipple,…

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Kate Glondo Video Interview, part 3

Kate Glondo (b. 1911 to Francis Mynavich Maritich) talks about her family's Croatian roots and immigration to Roslyn, Washington. She talks about gardening, wine-making, lodges, burial customs,…

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