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Taylor Roice's Covid Reflections

Taylor Roice talks about his experiences as a student at Central Washington University during the COVID pandemic. He discusses the move to online classes and graduating.

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Michelle DenBeste's Covid Reflections

Dr. Michelle DenBeste is the Provost/Vice President for Academic & Student Life (ASL) at Central Washington University. Here she shares her experiences starting a new job during the pandemic and…

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Walter "Spike" Arlt Video Interview

Spike Arlt talks about his life and early career as a high school athletics director before coming to Central. He then discusses being tenured faculty and a coach. The expantion of campus from a…

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Covid Reflecion of Job Yang

Job Yang shares some experiences during the COVID lock-down as a senior in High School at Bothell and then a freshman at Central Washington University. Bothell was the first school system to shut…

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Staci Sleigh-Layman's Covid-19 Reflections

Staci Sleigh-Layman talks about her various jobs at Central and the changes to her work during the pandemic. Discussion includes the Tuesday Talks series conducted during the lock-downs.

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Marie Marchand's Covid Reflections and Poems

<p>Marie Marchand talks about her experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic lock-down. She also shares some poems written during that time. Marie is a poet and an Associate Director of the GEAR…

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Nathan Sandell's Covid Reflections

Nathaniel Sandell shares some of his experiences as a senior in High School and then as an incoming freshman during the covid-19 pandemic. He also talks about a song he wrote about the pandemic.

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Rope riders worked in the coal mines at Roslyn, Cle Elum, and Ronald, Washington. They did the most dangerous work in the mines, balancing precariously on the hitches between coal cars as they wound…

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Cindy Krieble Video Interview

Cindy Krieble talks about being an undergraduate art history major at Middlebury College in Vermont, then continuing on to the San Francisco Art Institute to pursue a BFA degree in painting, and…

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Marte Falshore Video Interview

Marte Falshore talks about her academic career in Utah before coming to Central and how the emphasis on teaching drew her to Central Washington University. She discusses publishing and requirements…

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Mary Ainardi Disc 3, Part 1

Mary Ainardi audio recorded 3-26-2004. Life in Central Washington in the 1920's.

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