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Covid Reflecion of Job Yang

Job Yang shares some experiences during the COVID lock-down as a senior in High School at Bothell and then a freshman at Central Washington University. Bothell was the first school system to shut…

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Rebecca Lubas’ Covid-19 Reflections

CWU’s Dean of Libraries reflects on providing library services during a pandemic, exploring a very quiet Ellensburg, and keeping in communication with friends far away.

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Marty's Covid Tales thus far...

Hear tales of covid lock-down and more! Poultry imprinted on a human, and terrorized by undead skunks! Then hear how victims of a serial killer hen met their fate one by one. Also some comments about…

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Marie Marchand's Covid Reflections and Poems

<p>Marie Marchand talks about her experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic lock-down. She also shares some poems written during that time. Marie is a poet and an Associate Director of the GEAR…

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Coastal Elite Liberal Blues - Nathan Sandell

Song written during thecovid-19 pandemic by Nathan Sandell after talking with some relatives about the pandemic, lock-downs, and masks.

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Nathan Sandell's Covid Reflections

Nathaniel Sandell shares some of his experiences as a senior in High School and then as an incoming freshman during the covid-19 pandemic. He also talks about a song he wrote about the pandemic.

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