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Carlos Pelley's CAT tale

Carlos Pelley talks about memories of Central Washington University and presenting at history conferences.

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2017 CWU Commencement 1 Student Speaker - Mr. Judah Bergeron

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College Civics Week: Local Government Day Keynote - Lisa Van Der Lugt

Lisa Van Der Lugt is the Executive Director of the Washington State Commission on Hispanic Affairs, was raised in the Yakima Valley and is an advocate for the Latino community in Washington State.

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Orchesis, 1979

This video is a recording of Orchesis Dance at Central Washington University from 1979. Performances include: "Red Hot Blues" (choreographed by Elaine Acosta), "Illusion"…

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Wayne Hertz Audio Interview

Wayne Hertz taught in the music department at Central Washington College of Education (predecessor to Central Washington University) 1938-1974. He passed away in 1996.

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James Hawkins Audio Interview, part 1

James Hawkins taught in the theatre arts program at Central Washington University, 1970-2002.

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Josephine Rigek Audio Interview, part 9

Josephine Rigek speaks about her time working as an operator for the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company (later the Cle Elum Telephone Company) from 1920 to 1966. She talks about the history of…

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John Rigek Audio Interview, part 12

John Rigek talks about his family, the Rigeks and Klauses, and his work in the Northwestern Improvement Company coal mines at Cle Elum, Washington. He talks about shooting coal, working conditions in…

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