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Found in the Archives: Jim Hawkins' Puppets

This episode of Found in the Archives features a recent donation from CWU Emeritus Professor of Music, Linda Marra, who taught at the university for 26 years. Linda Marra was close friends with Jim…

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CWU Softball and Baseball from 2004

Footage of Softball and Baseball games from April , 2004

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CWU versus WWU in a basketball game from 2004

This recording was transferred from VHS tape. It starts with Wellington Wildcat smashing a car The video features gameplay, cheerleaders, and shots of then Central Washington University president,…

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Provost Lecture Series: Dr. Fabio Ambrosio

Fabio Ambrosio, associate professor of Accounting, CWU College of Business, discusses his most recent research, A longitudinal study of local sales taxes and predictors of crime across Washington…

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Jim Hawkings Video Interview

Arlen "Jim " Hawkings talks about his long career as a theatre facculty member at Central Washington University. He talks about the growth of the department and university. He also…

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Cultural Conversation Winter 2023: Storyteller Monique Simmons

A diverse community is a respectful community, rich in ideas and shared experiences. Cultural Conversations is a program co-sponsored by Brooks Library, the Ellensburg Public Library, and…

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Board of Trustees 2.16.2023

Thursday, Feb 16 10:00 am – 12:00 pm Lunch 1:15-4:00 pm Friday, Feb 17 9:00-11:00 am

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Provost Presents Lecture Series: Dr. Tanjian Liang

Dr. Tanjian Liang, associate professor of Sport and Movement Studies, discusses his most recent research, This Teacher Cares for Us. In this lecture Dr. Liang delineates how one Latina teacher…

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Carlos Pelley's CAT tale

Carlos Pelley talks about memories of Central Washington University and presenting at history conferences.

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Digitization on a Shoestring

Video demonstrating CWU Archives and Special Collections video digitization station assembled from surplus equipment.

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Vietnam Veteran Sarah Blum

Author, Sarah Blum discusses her experience in Vietnam and her book, Women Under Fire: Abuse in the Military. Blum, ARNP is a decorated nurse Vietnam veteran who earned the Army Commendation Medal…

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Cultural Conversations: Dr. Volha Isakava

Volha Isakava has been working at CWU and living in Ellensburg since 2014. A native of Crimea, Ukraine, Volha grew up in Minsk, Belarus. She embarked on her first international adventure when she…

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Catherine Scarlett Video Interview

Catherine Scarlett talks about her work in fundraising before coming to central where she worked as a fundraiser for the foundation for over 23 years.

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Jim Schwing Video Interview

Jim Schwing trained at Worcester polytechnic institute in Worcester Massachusetts. Started as mathematician and then moved into computers as they became ubiquitous. He started work at old…

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Faculty Senate 1.12.22

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Taylor Roice's Covid Reflections

Taylor Roice talks about his experiences as a student at Central Washington University during the COVID pandemic. He discusses the move to online classes and graduating.

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