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ASCWU Public Meeting 11.15.2021

Connect with your student leaders to discuss local issues, programs, upcoming events and more.

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2017 CWU Commencement 2 Student Speaker - Ms. Jordyn Tucker

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Welcome To CWU

Welcome to the family at Central Washington University. CWU employs approx. 1500 employees and some of the staff say what they like about working at the university.

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The Passion for Equestrian

The Equestrian club is a relatively new group at CWU. One of the best things about this club is that you do not need a horse, or have any riding experience. Riders are assigned a horse based on their…

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Prater Hogue Video Interview, part 2

Prater Hogue describes his life as a student at Central Washington College of Education (later Central Washington University) during the 1930s.

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A Tribute to the Nicholsons, part 2

This video features a ceremony in tribute to Leo and Dean Nicholson, who coached at Central Washington University, 1929-1990. Together they led the CWU basketball team to 1,114 victories out of 1,392…

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Maria Kramar Audio Interview

Maria Kramar speaks about her time as a student and staff member at Central Washington University, 1963-1996.

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Mary Favero Audio Interview

George (b. October 9, 1920) and Mary Favero (b. February 1920) talk about their Italian roots and immigration to Roslyn, Washington, in the early 1900s. They describe ethnic traditions like…

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Camilla Saivetto Audio Interview, 1976, part 4

In two interviews, Camilla Saivetto talks about immigrating from Italy and ultimately settling in Roslyn, Washington. She talks about schools, Italian lodges, wine making, gardening, and beer brewing…

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