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Albert Stone Video Interview

Albert Stone talks about his life. Albert grew up in Ellensburg and recalls working on farms. After marriage he worked in the coal mines in Roslyn. Later he drove trucks and worked on he west side of…

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James E. Russom Video Interview

James Edward Russom (Eddie) talks about his life growing up in Ronald Washington and later going to High School in Cle Elum and working at stores in town while still in high school. He served in the…

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Bob Cernick Video Interview

Elsie Bingay interviews Bob Cernick. He discusses growing up in Cle Elum, Washington. He talks about the abundance of outdoor activities his family did when he was young. These include camping,…

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Wes Craven Video Interview

Shannon O'Malley interviews Wesley Craven and he discusses growing up in a large family in Roslyn, Washington. He talks about learning to cut hops at a young age when the whole family would take…

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Ethel Craven Sweet Video Interview

Ether Craven Sweet shares about growing up in Roslyn, Washington during the boom times of coal mining there. She also talks about her life after leaving Roslyn and her career and various jobs. She…

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Don Hill Video Interview

Don Hill was born in Yakima and moved to Easton before he turned one. Don graduated from Cle Elum High School in 1955. He entered the logging industry at the age 10 in his father’s company.…

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Sandra H. Peck Video Interview

Sandy Peck talks about growing up on Gobblers Knob near South Cle Elum. She discusses her first job as a Theater Usher. Sandy also talks about her father's work as a railroad engineer, and her…

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Louie Osmonovich Video Interview

Louie Osmonovich talks about growing up in Roslyn and his later career as a school teacher. He also discusses his years of backcountry trail riding.

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Claude Montgomery Video Interview

Claude Montgomery talks about growing up in Eastern Washington and how things have changed over the years. He discusses his time in the army after being drafted at 24. He also talks about his career…

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Nellie Rumburg Video Interview

Nellie Rumburg talks about growing up in Ellensburg and later working in the CWU library. She started working in the library in 1990 and had many different positions over the years. Nellie enjoyed…

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Video Interview with Violet Burke

Violet (Vi) Burke talks about growing up in a household with twelve kids and being the middle child. Her family were farmers and she learned to enjoy farm life at an early age. She also discusses…

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Health Sciences Grand Opening

Health Sciences Grand Opening celebration on April 29, 2022.

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Robert Rittenhouse Video Interview

Robert Rittenhouse talks about his early life and growing up in New England and majoring in Chemistry for undergraduate and graduate degrees, starting work as a professor at age of 25. He also…

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Rich Moreno Video Interview

Richard Moreno talks about his education and getting a masters degree in journalism from Columbia University, then early work as a newspaper reporter before moving into public…

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Jim Schwing Video Interview

Jim Schwing trained at Worcester polytechnic institute in Worcester Massachusetts. Started as mathematician and then moved into computers as they became ubiquitous. He started work at old…

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Michelle DenBeste's Covid Reflections

Dr. Michelle DenBeste is the Provost/Vice President for Academic & Student Life (ASL) at Central Washington University. Here she shares her experiences starting a new job during the pandemic and…

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