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John Cernick Video Interview

John Cernick Junior talks about growing up in Roslyn, Washington. He discusses the activities of his youth and notes changes over time in the culture of the area. He discusses life as a boy in…

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David Franklin Video Interview

David Franklin talks about his ties to upper Kittitas county and changes he has seen in the area in his lifetime. He discusses how his in-laws came to the area and how they made a living in South…

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Rudolph A. Kovacevich Video Interview

Rudy Kovacevich talks about growing up in Roslyn Washington. He discusses his family's Croation roots and ties to the old country. He shares memories of his grandmother and talks about her…

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Beverly Prkacin Read Video Interview

Beverly discusses being born in Cumberland, Washington and growing up in the cascades. She mentions her work life including running an airport and learning to fly. She talks about her Croatian…

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Sam Krahenbuhl Video Interview

Sam Krahenbuhl talks about growing up in Roslyn. He discusses the variety of things kids did in the 1950's. He mentions the decline of the mines and changes in town. He mentions night life in…

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Ethel Craven-Sweet talks about Founding the Black Pioneers of Washington

Ethel discusses how she became interested in history and founded the Black Pioneers of Washington.

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Gary Fudacz Video Interview

Gary Fudacz talks about growing up in Washington and working on farms and later in forestry. He discusses his time in the army and getting his degree at Central before working in the forest service.…

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Video Interview of Frances Divelbiss Glondo

Shannon O'Malley interviews Frances Divelbiss Glondo. Frances discusses growing up in Roslyn and Cle Elum. She talks about her diverse ethnic background and education. Raising her family while…

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Theatre Dialogues: GOLDEN 4.23.21

A Dead Name That Learned How to Live Time: 4.23.21 Friday 10:00am-11:00am Voices from Performance series is a colloquium series that highlights the work of diverse artists, scholars, and activists…

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