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Ruth Harrington Video Interview

Ruth Harrington talks about her early life and moving to Ellensburg in 1973. She discusses the beginnings and the growth of her scholarship luncheon groups.

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Professional Etiquette Dinner

The Professional Etiquette Dinner at Central Washington University provides attendees an entertaining and engaging professional and social development opportunity. The four-course meal and…

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Gail Jones Video Interview, part 2

Gail Jones discusses her personal history at Central Washington University (CWU) from 1977 to 1995. She speaks about her time as Director of Alumni Affairs and her role as chair of the CWU Centennial…

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Louise Snell Audio Interview

Louise Snell worked in Food Services at Central Washington University, 1965-1986.

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Francis and Matt (Tobby) Stermetz Video Interview, part 2

Francis Stermetz discusses her Lithuanian roots and life in Roslyn, Washington. She talks about attending Hazelwood School (graduated 1934), about family traditions, household chores, and her work as…

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Arthur (Art) Darby Audio Interview, part 5

Arthur (Art) Darby talks about his family members (James Darby, Ellis Blanchard, Emma Civil) and their move to Roslyn, Washington. He talks about family work in the Roslyn coal mines (particularly…

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Eleanor Hein Audio Interview, part 2

Eleanor Hein talks about her family's immigration to Roslyn, Washington (family name: Blazina). She talks about her grandfather's work as watchman for the No. 9 Mine in Roslyn, and speaks…

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Pauline Pasquan Audio Interview, part 3

Pauline Pasquan talks about her Yugoslavian roots and her family's arrival in Roslyn, Washington. She speaks about her husband, Frank Pasquan, and his work in the Northwestern Improvement…

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Anita Pardini Audio Interview, part 3

Anita Pardini talks about her family, the Tondas, and their roots in Mattie, Italy. She speaks about her parents, Filamena and Morris Lawrence Tonda, and their arrival in Cle Elum, Washington, circa…

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