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Found in the Archives: Lump of Coal

CWu archvies has a lump of Coal from the Roslyn mines. Hear how it came to be here in this episode.

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Rik Dalvit and Thomas Shapley Video Interview

Rik Dalvit and Thomas Shapley talk about starting their careers in journalism at Central Washington State College. They tell about notable events and professors they remember. They talk about campus…

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Albert Stone Video Interview

Albert Stone talks about his life. Albert grew up in Ellensburg and recalls working on farms. After marriage he worked in the coal mines in Roslyn. Later he drove trucks and worked on he west side of…

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James E. Russom Video Interview

James Edward Russom (Eddie) talks about his life growing up in Ronald Washington and later going to High School in Cle Elum and working at stores in town while still in high school. He served in the…

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George Burchak Video Interview

George Burchak discusses his experiences as a mink farmer. George talks about growing up in the Cle Elum area and jobs he had before he started mink farming. He details how they raised the mink ,…

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Fred Fischer Video Interview

Fred Fischer talk about growing up and Roslyn Washington. He recalls his father, who worked for Northwest Improvement Company (NWI) as a fireman on the railroad.He discusses the mines and his brief…

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Wes Craven Video Interview

Shannon O'Malley interviews Wesley Craven and he discusses growing up in a large family in Roslyn, Washington. He talks about learning to cut hops at a young age when the whole family would take…

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Shirley Hood and Richard Mack Video Interview

Shirley Hood and Richard Mack discuss working in the economics department at Central Washington University. They also talk about their education and early career. They recall…

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Babs Ballard Video Interview

Babs Ballard talks about her life. She grew up in Cle Elum and her family had a cattle ranch. She discusses the impact World War II had on her family and the hardships it brought. She also discusses…

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Frederick Krueger Video Interview

Frederick Krueger discusses his teaching career and his work with the Roslyn Cemeteries. He also talks about his early life in Minnesota before moving to Cle Elum. He also discusses his unique…

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Provost Lecture Series: Dr. Fabio Ambrosio

Fabio Ambrosio, associate professor of Accounting, CWU College of Business, discusses his most recent research, A longitudinal study of local sales taxes and predictors of crime across Washington…

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Faculty Senate 4.5.2023

Central Washington University's Faculty Senate meeting. This meeting will be hosted via Zoom.

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Ethel Craven Sweet Video Interview

Ether Craven Sweet shares about growing up in Roslyn, Washington during the boom times of coal mining there. She also talks about her life after leaving Roslyn and her career and various jobs. She…

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Cultural Conversation Winter 2023: Storyteller Monique Simmons

A diverse community is a respectful community, rich in ideas and shared experiences. Cultural Conversations is a program co-sponsored by Brooks Library, the Ellensburg Public Library, and…

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Board of Trustees 2.16.2023

Thursday, Feb 16 10:00 am – 12:00 pm Lunch 1:15-4:00 pm Friday, Feb 17 9:00-11:00 am

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Nick and Jennie Henderson Video Interview

Nick Henderson and his mother Jennie Henderson talk about life in Roslyn , Washington. Jennie grew up in a family with 13 siblings. She discusses her schooling and work life as well as raising her…

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