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Fern Mettler Video Interview

Fern Mettler speaks about her secretarial work at Central Washington University, 1965-1982.

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Raymond (Ray) Kladnik, Sr., Audio Interview, part 1

Raymond (Ray) Kladnik, Sr. (b. September 7, 1892), talks about his family's Slovenian roots and about his life in Cle Elum, Washington. He describes his family's life in Austria and their…

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Mitch Starkovich Audio Interview, part 1

Mitch Starkovich discusses his Croatian roots, mentioning his father (Frank Starkovich) and mother (Palona) and their marriage in 1911. He describes how his parents immigrated to Cle Elum,…

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Enid Roseburg Audio Interview, part 1

Enid Roseburg talks about her Scottish heritage and her parents' transition from Canada to the United States. She speaks about her childhood, about Scottish traditions and holidays, and about…

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