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Entering the Promised Land

Bruce Leroy speaks about first contact between Native Americans and white settlers in central Washington state. He describes linguistic and cultural differences between the two groups.

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Frank Talerico Audio Interview, part 3

Frank Talerico served as coroner in Easton, Washington, in the early to mid-twentieth century. He discusses the history of Easton, including its founding, changes in local transportation, and the…

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Anna Baker Audio Interview, part 2

Anna (Anderson) Baker (b. 1904) describes her childhood, touching on Fowler Creek School, spinning, soap making, canning, medicinal remedies, and blacksmithing. She describes life with her husband,…

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Lylia and Marguerite Fay Audio Interview, part 6

Lylia and Marguerite Fay talk about Easton, Washington, including the Easton Tollgate; the McGuiness Homestead; and the development of travel, business, logging, and communications in Easton. They…

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Lund Family Audio Interview, part 2

Three Lund siblings talk about their lives at Fowler Creek and Cle Elum, Washington. Lee Lund (b. April 2, 1912), Verna (Lund) Mattielli (b. August 27, 1910), and Bernice (Lund) Haggerty (b. November…

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Theodore (Ted) Rooks Audio Interview, part 15

Theodore (Ted) Rooks (b. 1903 in South Cle Elum, Washington) talks about his childhood and education at Hazelwood School. He talks about working in logging camps and about the impact of the…

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