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Jampa Dorje on The Primal Book

Jampa Dorje discusses his creation, The Primal Book, and the ideas and events that led to its creation.

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Native American Heritage Month: HumanitiesWA Speaker Fern Naomi Renville

Fern Naomi Renville (she/her) is a Sisseton Wahpeton Dakota, Omaha, and Seneca-Cayuga storyteller, theatre director, and playwright. She is the great-granddaughter of Melinda Cayuga, a Seneca…

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Linda Beath Video Interview

Linda Beath talks about her early education and career working at Western Washington University before coming to Central in 1992. She talks about coming to Ellensburg and her duties in the Education…

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2016 Graduate Hooding ceremony student speaker Zachary McCarley

Zachary McCarley, who earned a MS Degree in Chemistry. The School of Graduate Studies and Research (SGSR) 2016 Hooding Ceremony is to honor students receiving Master's Degrees and celebrate the…

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Gail Jones Video Interview, part 2

Gail Jones discusses her personal history at Central Washington University (CWU) from 1977 to 1995. She speaks about her time as Director of Alumni Affairs and her role as chair of the CWU Centennial…

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Kitty Moe Audio Interview, part 3

Kitty Moe (b. 1905) attended Washington State Normal School, (WSNS) 1925-1927, earning her teaching certification and subsequently marrying Eric Joseph (Joe) Moe. She and her husband settled in…

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Eva Maria Carne Video Interview

Eva Maria Carne taught in the foreign language department at Central Washington University, 1968-1993.

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Equal Rights Legislation: A Presentation at Ellensburg Public Library

This video captures a presentation at Ellensburg Public Library about women's legal rights in Washington state. Although gender equality was never added as an amendment to the U.S. Constitution,…

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Ron Sims Audio Interview, part 2

Ron Sims attended Central Washington State College, 1966-1971. He speaks about protests against racial and gender discrimination at Central during the 1960s. Sims went on to serve on the Washington…

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Edward Harrington Audio Interview, part 3

Edward J. Harrington served as Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Central Washington University from 1970 to 1989.

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Oliver Bell Video Interview, part 4

Oliver Bell discusses his Finnish roots and his family's immigration to Cle Elum, Washington, where his father worked in the Northwestern Improvement Company (NWI) coal mines. Oliver himself…

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Kate Glondo Video Interview, part 5

Kate Glondo (b. 1911 to Francis Mynavich Maritich) talks about her family's Croatian roots and immigration to Roslyn, Washington. She talks about gardening, wine-making, lodges, burial customs,…

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Alfred Hanson Audio Slideshow Interview, part 1

Alfred Hanson speaks about his childhood in the Swauk area of Washington state, and particularly about interactions between white settlers and Native Americans. He describes homesteading, gardening,…

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Harry Forbes Audio Interview, part 7

Harry Forbes (b. 1885) describes his childhood, including time spent in Easton, Cle Elum, and Ellensburg, Washington, in the 1890s. He talks about homesteading in Ellensburg and irrigation along…

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Nina Kanyer Audio Interview, part 4

Nina Kanyer talks about immigrating with her family from Italy to Roslyn, Washington. She talks about cultural traditions, holidays, lodges, recreation, and coal mining in Roslyn

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George Gasparich Audio Interview, part 2

George Gasparich talks about his family's immigration to Ronald, Washington, in 1915. He describes his work in the coal mines beginning in 1939. He touches on duckbill operators, pan lines,…

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