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Coastal Elite Liberal Blues - Nathan Sandell

Song written during thecovid-19 pandemic by Nathan Sandell after talking with some relatives about the pandemic, lock-downs, and masks.

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Lessons from the Zombie Brain

What can we learn from zombie brains? CWU psychology professor Ralf Greenwald teaches neuroscience to undergraduates by examining zombie behavior and relating it to brain function.

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Orchesis: A Dance Portfolio, 1975-1977

This video is a recording of Orchesis Dance at Central Washington University from 1975, 1976, and 1977. Performances include: "A Little Night Glitter Spotlight" (choreographed by Armina…

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Joseph (Joe) Andler Video Interview, part 3

Joseph (Joe) Andler (circa 1914-2002) worked in Patrick's Mine in Ronald, Washington, beginning in 1937. He worked at various jobs in local mines, shoveling coal, performing tasks at the tipple,…

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Alfred Hanson Audio Interview, part 6

Alfred Hanson speaks about his childhood in the Swauk area of Washington state, and particularly about interactions between white settlers and Native Americans. He describes homesteading, gardening,…

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