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CWU Music Building History

A brief history of Music, and the music buildings of CWU ranging from Washington State Normal School to Central Washington University.

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CWU Music Building History

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Brooks Library Tour

Brooks Library at Central Washington University

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Alexander Hamilton (Ham) Howard Audio Interview, part 2

Alexander Hamilton (Ham) Howard speaks about his time as a student at Central Washington College of Education, 1937-1941.

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Jim Ayers Audio Interview, part 1

Jim Ayers graduated from Central Washington State College (predecessor to Central Washington University) in 1970. He speaks about the drama program at the university.

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Jack Ness Audio Interview, part 6

Jack Ness talks about his Scottish roots and his experiences in logging beginning circa 1907. Ness worked in log mills and camps around Post Falls, Idaho, before transitioning to Casland and Liberty,…

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