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James Carmody Video Interview

James Carmody discusses personal history, faculty and administration members at CWU, life at CWU from 1946 to 1950, faculty/student problems, sexism and discrimination on campus, and political…

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Eldon Jacobson Video Interview, part 1

Eldon (Jake) Jacobsen taught in the psychology department at Central Washington University, 1950-1990.

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Donald Schliesman Audio Interview, part 2

Donald Schliesman served in the education department at Central Washington University between 1957 and 1996. He speaks about his time as an administrator during the Garrity administration at the…

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Kenneth Hammond Audio Interview, part 1

Kenneth Hammond taught in the geography department at Central Washington University, 1962-1997.

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Alfred Hanson Audio Interview, part 7

Alfred Hanson speaks about his childhood in the Swauk area of Washington state, and particularly about interactions between white settlers and Native Americans. He describes homesteading, gardening,…

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James (Jim) Larrigan Audio Interview, part 3

James (Jim) Larrigan talks about his parents, James (Jim) Larrigan, Sr., and Janette Hogan. He talks about his Canadian, Scottish, and Irish roots, and describes his childhood in the Ronald,…

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